Anna Murfield is a freelance artist living in rural Wisconsin. In 2007 she received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee along with a minor in Art History. Since receiving her degree she has been in numerous galleries, has illustrated a variety of Children's books including "Daddy's Little Helper" and "A Day to Remember" (each written by her true love and husband Chris) and has sold her artwork world wide.

Anna's artwork is inspired by texture, color and nature. Many of her pieces are created using found materials including wood found on the family homestead. There is no limit when it comes to what she creates, from upcycled crafts to murals and fine art landscapes, painting and sewing. Rarely is there a time when inspiration for the next project isn't found which creates an exciting, and adventurous body of work.

When not working on her artwork Anna is busy helping her husband manage the family homestead Crooked Coop Farm where they raise sheep, chickens and one lonely duck. They also grow vegetables for the local farmers market.

Her most loved and proudest accomplishment though is her three (soon to be 4) children.

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