Thursday, January 25, 2018

FREE Stevie Nicks Printable and New Work in the Shop

Hello again! I just have a quick update to share the newest sign added to my Etsy Shop. My goal is to add many more hand written signs with the lyrics of my favorite songs written on them, but since I move at a snail's pace I only have one to add today. I chose to add a sign with the lyrics to "Landslide" by Stevie Nicks. I grew up listening to her with my girlfriends and I never stop loving her poetry. I chose "Landslide" because it was on of our favorites and because I think the song is so relatable to so many people. 

This sign was painted with acrylic on select pine board. I only hand letter my pieces I never use templates or stencils. This makes each sign unique and shows the art of my hand rather than the art of a computer. Not that there is anything wrong with using computers if that's your thing it is just my preference. 

Now since I love giving away my art almost as much as selling it for a LIMITED TIME I am offering this free download hand written by me with the same lyrics just for fun.

Feel free to download and print away, but please remember this and all of my other pintables are for personal use only. You can download this one for a limited time here.

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