Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Creative Planning for 2018

Hi guys! I always love to see how other moms and business creatives plan their work and home life, so for my post today I wanted to show my homemade creative business planner, as well as, my homeschool planner which I use daily with my kids. Seeing as how I run my own creative business and homeschool my kids I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I am a do it yourself type person, and this is my do it yourself planner. The cover artwork however is not my own it belongs to the artist Traci Bautista. I took a business planning class with her in 2012 and used her artwork, and many of her planning pages in my planner...I didn't have the time to make my own... if you ever need to take a class learning the business side of art I truly recommend taking on with her.

I like to start my planning year off with goals I set some for the year as well as goals each month. This helps to keep me focused and organized. I like to be flexible in this area, and go back to it often to make realistic adjustments.

One of my goals for the year is to blog more so I can record what I have been working on in the studio as well as what I have been up to with my kids. This page is another from Traci Bautista. I like how she has a place to write as well as draw ideas. I have these pages printed for every month.

I generate income and ring up expenses from a few different sources. To make things easier for myself at the end of the year I incorporate an income and expense page each month divided by specific categories. I made it simple and to the point It works for me.

I use another one of Traci's fill in calendar pages each month. These are nice because I can print them off and use them each new year. It's a place to record important art shows deadlines and markets. The artwork on the left is mine.

This is my daily planner I use for homeschool and day to day activities for our family. Apparently since I homeschool now I like to laminate everything, so this cover as well as the last have been laminated then spiral bound. I used my binding machine I use to make recycled books for art shows. This is a print of part of a painting I made years ago.

I keep my homeschool planner pretty simple as well with a place for each subject, and a place for daily to dos.  This sheet can be replicated easy and is a fill in the blank style. This is my first year using it and so far so good.

Each month I leave room for important dates and projects.

I fill it in pretty heavy, and not so neat, but the messy notes work for me.

This is my favorite part of my planner... there is room for me to add little notes and keepsakes. Over time this will be a record of my days together with the kiddos. I plan to keep these planners as sort of a scrapbook.

Well that is that.

I had my planner on my mind and wanted to share. It is my attempt to keep things organized around here, although it doesn't always work, and sometimes I totally for get to use it at least I try!

It you have a homemade planner you are proud to call your own please share a link in the comments section below!


  1. Your planner came out great, nice to have it fit your needs vs. scanning the store for one that only kinda makes you happy - the spot to add scrapbook items is a fantastic idea!

    1. Thank you Diana! Yes it takes time to make your own but it takes as much time to scout around for one... might as well do it yourself!