Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 on the Homestead and in the Studio

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays to all! It has been a while since I posted here on the studio blog. I decided to take most of the year off after we had our 4th baby this spring. I took a little break with my artwork and focused on settling in the new one to our family. Now that we are all adjusted I thought the New Year would be the perfect time to pick up blogging again and keep my friends, family and followers updated on what is happening around the homestead and in the studio. With that being said here is what you missed over the past year....

The beautiful bride of my cousin had me paint her this sign for their wedding. I had so much fun with the lettering that I added this sign, and more like it, to my Etsy shop. I never use stencils or decals of any kind when I letter my signs I always use the style of my own hand. I think God made us all unique for a reason and I don't want to hide that behind someone else's font in my artwork. The signs in my shop are all made to order so there are slight variations in each.

This happy little guy is baby number 4 for us! Isn't he a cutie! He has kept me busy most day and night along with his 2 brothers and his sister. This is him posing for his homeschool photo... not that he is homeschooled like the other kids but I didn't want to leave him out on picture day. What a treat to have him in our family. 

Speaking of school we have decided to homeschool our kids this year. While the hubby works this is mostly my responsibility, and is a full time job in itself. It is super challenging we have a 3rd, 1st and preschooler, but it is even more rewarding. I love it! I won't really be sharing much of our curriculum here, but I will try to share some of what we do for art class. This is one of our first projects, using a watercolor resist to paint the aurora borealis. We painted these on Strathmore smooth Bristol board paper, which is the paper I like to use for illustrating, and colored our star background with oil crayons followed by a water color wash. 

This was made by my 3 year old.

By my 6 year old.

This is from my 3rd grader. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I planned this but I am happy with the outcome.

In the past we sold veggies and artwork at a few local markets, but we decided to take the year off from the farmer's markets due to all of the changes going on around here. I didn't want to be totally out of the garden so I grew small white pumpkins for my cousin's autumn wedding along with some under watered tomatoes and peppers that didn't amount to much. The pumpkins looked good though!
Once the school year started and the pumpkins were ready to be harvested things got crazy busy for me. I do some free lance illustrating for a local publishing company, Orange Hat Publishing, and I was chosen to illustrate a children's book called Nutty and the Treasure Map. If this character looks familiar it is because he debuted in a different book called Gary the Garbage Can written by the same author. This book hasn't been released yet we are still doing over the final steps but once it is out I will be sure to try and post about it.

While working on my book illustrations the holiday season came into full swing in my Etsy Shop. This was my first full year with this shop and I really didn't do much with it once the baby was born so I wasn't sure what to expect when the holidays rolled around. Once they did I was super busy selling signs. This one is my favorite and it must be the favorite of other people too be cause it sold like crazy. You can find the listing here. I also make custom signs and sold a few of those as well.

Through out the crazy year our chickens have still been clucking around out back. We haven't increased our flock like we have in previous years but we have just let them do their thing with the sheep in the pasture. We also raised and butchered two of our sheep. I prefer the raising part of that job. I did shear them and am hoping to do something with the wool. If I ever get around to that I will share here on the blog.

Well that's that. I hope to post more regularly in 2018 but if I can't get to it I will be back in December to tell you what I was up to. Have a great New Year and thanks for taking the time to read this!

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