Friday, January 13, 2017

Farmhouse Friday: Meet Crooked Coop Farm

Hello Everyone! Today I am introducing a new segment to  my blog called "Farmhouse Friday". This will be a place where I share with you the homesteading and beginner farmer aspect to the life I share with my husband. Every Friday I will provide posts that share news and updates from Crooked Coop Farm, as well as recipes and other fun homesteading odds and ends.

To start, this week I thought I would just introduce our farm to you....

My husband and I began homesteading when we bought our little house in 2012. We started with having a garden and raising a few chickens to getting an alpaca, some sheep, ducks, more chickens and a larger garden where we eventually took organic veggies to the farmer's market. I have heard that chickens are a gateway animal to farming and in our case this was true we fell in love with raising them and moved up from there.

We have grown and made changes through out this process working with different people, gaining experience, and we continue to push through with big plans for this little farm. Currently in between raising kids, animals and growing produce my husband is learning meat cutting while I am working on developing my artwork. We both have big goals ahead and plan to melt our dreams together to create a place where all are accessible.

Our farm is just a small 3 acre plot right now, more of a little homestead as we continue to dream, and learn we plan to grow as well. One day we would like a larger farm with more animals, organically raised of course, a place to sell our meat and produce, and a studio where I can sell my artwork and teach classes. This is a long ways ahead of us right now but we are on the right path. With faith and hard work I can see a future where we both work together and bring these dreams to life.

So that is just a little introduction to who we are as homesteaders I hope you check back on Fridays to see our progress and news on the farm. We will always have something interesting to share with 3 (almost 4) kids, 5 sheep, a boat load of chickens, and one happy duck there is never a dull moment.


  1. Great post! I really like the one of duck taking a bath and chicken checking out the rain gutter! Have you been hiding treats? :) The vegetables all look wonderful too!

    1. Thank you Ginger! No treat hiding going on around here just some curious critters :)