Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Look inside my Sketchbook: Art Journaling

Today I wanted to share a little snippet of a new project I have been working on... art journaling. I have always had a sketchbook but generally used it for pre planning of illustrations or larger projects, it was never something that I used on a daily basis, and only rarely used just for the sake of creating and experimenting. I wanted to challenge myself to try and create art daily just for the sake of  trying something new. This project was inspired by the Artist Rae Missigman who developed a 30 day art journal challenge where she created daily prompts to jumpstart your creative process on  her blog. All of those who are taking part in the challenge then share their work under #artmarks30daychallenge on  Instagram.  If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this or be a part of it yourself.

It has been a really fun way to experiment and work more intuitively than I usually do. As I created these I never had an end result in mind I just started with mark making from her journal prompt word and saw what happened. Art journaling is nothing new but it is new to me and it is a challenge for me to work this way. So far I am loving it and see this as something I continue in the future. Here are a few examples of what I have created  (I have more posted on my Instagram profile). I used a wide variety of media  including hand made paper, ephemera, machine stitching, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, markers and feathers for my process. I see these art journal pages moving my art in a new direction.

All the pages shown were created in a hand made spiral bound journal I made using drawing paper and a mix of found scrap papers.

This is my hand made art journal, the cover is a plain brown chip board I am still debating on decorating it or not. I really like the contrast of neutral and vibrant color so I may end up leaving it alone.

 I would love to see more examples of how other people art journal. If you are an art journal artist please share with me a link to your work.

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