Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Free Coloring Page for You!

I have been really inspired by the decorated bull and deer skulls I have been seeing around lately. Now that I have noticed them it seems like they are everywhere, I have especially been seeing a lot on Etsy, Instagram and Pinterest from some of my favorite shops. What draws me to them most is the eclectic way to bring nature indoors, since I have always felt most at home surrounded by nature so it is only natural for me to bring it into my art and my dĂ©cor. I have a lot of rocks, shells and antlers around the house but not a full skull. Seeing that I don't have a skull to decorate I did the next best thing and drew one up. And because I like to share I have one for you to color as well. Enjoy!
You can download this free coloring page here.

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