Friday, December 30, 2016

A Free Coloring Page for You!

Hello everyone! I have this week's free coloring page download all set for you today. This week I chose a different technique and went with a brush drawing rather than using a sharpie pen like I have used in my previous free downloads. I created this design using watered down Golden fluid acrylic paint in Carbon Black, and a size 1 round tip brush. I love Golden brand paints they never let me down. I found that watering the paint down gave virtually the same results as using a traditional ink.

I always like to try these pages out and color them before I post but the kids are home on break this week and I ran out of time. I am anxious to see how they will look in color hopefully I will get a chance to fill them in later. I also think that rather than using color, painting these in with a grayscale wash would be really neat so I may try that as well.

I am going to share both the grayscale version of this design as well as one in black and white. I think both can create a unique look so why not pass them along right? Aside from coloring the entire page this design would also work cut out and collaged in an art journal or mixed media painting. I hope you find something fun and creative to do with these!

Feel free to down load this design here.

And Download the black and white version here.

With the new year ahead I am hoping to have new downloads and fun inspiration to share. I hope you have a safe and blessed new year and happy coloring!

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