Friday, November 11, 2016

In the studio: Keeping Inspiration

Currently the location of my studio is in the basement of our home. It works for right now since it is easily accessible and I can work on projects while taking care of the kids, but a basement studio does lack in the inspiration department. One day I plan on having a rustic, brightly lit, cabin style studio where I can create and invite guests in for classes but in the mean time I need to do the most with what I have. So I fill my little underground room with as much inspiration I can fit in. I always like seeing where other artists create so I thought I would share some of the treasures I keep to keep me motivated while I work. Enjoy!

This is a thrift store box filled with pretty note cards.

My collection of vintage children's books.

A turquoise glass jar filled with scrabble tiles.

When I lived in the city I would collect little bits of junk I found while out and about and stored them in glass jars. I don't know what the plans are for this but I like having it around, It creates quite the eclectic collection. Old thread spools come in handy for storing sharp things like Exacto knives. 

Vintage glitter (I have a love for vintage) and wood blocks I use for upcycling projects.

Sea shells and an old Americana cookie tin I found on the side of the road...score! I love Americana. Sitting on top of it is a fishbowl filled with odds and ends and little scraps from old projects. 

Who doesn't need a vase full of vintage marbles? I also keep a lot of natural elements around.

My odds and ends.

Keeping little things like this helps remind me of who I am as an artist and it helps keep me on my toes in my studio. It may look like random junk...and really it is... but I am a junker at heart so it works for me. If you have a collection you that motivates you please share I would love to see it! 

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