Monday, November 28, 2016

In my Sketchbook: Creating with kids

Working in my sketchbook is a love of mine I often struggle to find the time for. As an artist I think of a sketchbook as a necessary tool for my creative process whether I turn what is inside it to a final product or not. It helps my brain to think creatively, helps loosen up my hands to work on larger projects and I believe it helps improve my discipline and skill level. There are a few areas I struggle with such as figure drawing especially with drawing hands so I use my sketchbook to push myself and grow as an artist.

With having three kids and another due this spring, one of my struggles to keeping a sketchbook is time. One way I try to work around this is giving my kids a sketchbook to work in next to me. I think it is just as important for them to draw and create as it is to me so they develop creative thinking skills and use their imagination. Whether they grow up to be an artist or doesn't matter to me... I believe this skill will help them in the future.

This is a sketchbook I made for my 2 year old daughter out of a vintage (I love vintage) Little golden book. You can find more of these still available in my old Etsy shop. All 3 of my kids have them and love them.

This is one of her drawings in it she has been using it for about 6 months and has filled every page. A lot of times we work together in it so although I may not be working in my own book I am still practicing and creating. This is something I try to do daily.

My youngest son has one that he uses to fill with trucks and trailers.

While they work in their books I use mine to draw what is around me and take notes. I like looking back and seeing some of the little things that may be overlooked in the day. I typically draw what is outside the window or what is on the kitchen table and frequently make attempts at drawing the kids.

These are quick drawings of flowers my husband gave me for Valentines day this year.

This is my son's puppy he would never leave home without. I think taking the time to draw it rather than just taking a photo gives me more time to appreciate the moment. I look at his puppy and see the spots that are worn out and loved so much. This is something I may not notice with a photograph.

I always have supplies close at hand in the living room and at the kitchen table so we can all work on projects throughout the day. Most of the them we work together but I often find them drawing, working on lists or designing plans without me. My oldest son isn't much for drawing but he does love to design and think of new ideas. He may not use his sketchbook the same way I do but he is getting good use out of it and I can see it develop his creative process.

Do you have a way you keep creative with kids? If so I would love to hear about it just leave a comment below!

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