Wednesday, November 9, 2016

DIY Burlap Autumn Wreath

When it comes to creating art and crafting I am always in favor of doing the most with what you have before going out to buy supplies. As much as I love to buy something new at the art store I find that often times I come up with a more exciting and creative piece when I try to scavenge my studio or the back yard for supplies. I am a Junker by nature, always searching for something discarded to turn into something new so this philosophy fits me perfect.

I wanted to create an autumn piece for our front door so I went searching for materials outside before I began. In my opinion autumn is the perfect time to explore our property. I found some turkey feathers and pinecones before I headed back in the studio to find a way to put it together. Wanting to keep my look natural I uses some scrap burlap from a previous project and a few autumn inspired odds and ends to include in my piece and decided to make a wreath.

One of the easiest way I have found to make a wreath is to use an old wire coat hanger as my starting point it is easy to manipulate and the hook can be used for hanging purposes...which I did not do at this time but have done in the past.

After bending my hanger I cut my burlap into strips approximately 3x15 inches, give or take, cutting about 40 of them. To add them to my hanger I folded each piece accordion style and pierced the burlap with my wire. This is fairly easy to do and my biggest suggestion is to add as many strips as possible to create a sturdier wreath. After it is hung gravity will weigh down the wreath causing it to look uneven if kept too loose. To keep the wreath together I simply taped the ends shut.

Once the wreath was complete I arranged my found odds and ends around the piece and secured them with some wreath wire. Making sure not to have any of the wire exposed.


I hung the piece using some lace ribbon I found in my scrap ribbon box. So with no money I was able to find a super simple way to create a natural rustic decoration for Autumn.


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